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We are on a mission to improve the life of Antiguans & Barbudians in the areas of community, education and conservation.

The Jumby Bay Fund was established in April 2014 to support a wide array of charitable projects in Antigua & Barbuda. Our mission is to ensure that vital community, conservation and educational needs are identified and addressed. We are deeply committed to providing assistance to organizations, programs and projects which benefit and enhance our Antigua & Barbuda community.

Antigua and Jumby Bay Island were fortunate to have been spared of heavy damage from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Our sister island of Barbuda was not as lucky. When Hurricane Irma ravaged the island of Barbuda the ferocious storm "extinguished" the isle's way of life and left the beautiful spot "uninhabitable." About 1,700 people were evacuated from Barbuda to Antigua and are now safe. Jumby Bay Island provided two ferries and crew to assist with the evacuation efforts and also provide much needed supplies in the days just after the storm. Local and international humanitarian help is still needed for this small island community.

We are a non-profit association led by a Board of Directors comprised of Jumby Bay Island homeowners who volunteer their time and energy. Our charitable projects are direct recipients of 100% of the contributions from donors.